To face the increasing overall complexity of today’s supply chains, we are monitoring all our operations to create an increasingly careful, widespread supplier management process. And even a more sustainable one.

Monitoring our supplier panels

One of the goals we are working towards is helping spread more and more careful production and consumption models, which is a priority target for us. That’s why one of the measures we are implementing is a systematic mapping process across dedicated platforms that will enable us to consistently and extensively monitor our supplier panels.

Here are some of the processes we are monitoring with our suppliers to increase our corporate accountability policies:

  • Easily identifying key information about our partner suppliers’ capacities and policies, not least from a green perspective, so as to take the most informed decisions ever.
  • Quick supplier selection to have early visibility of risk factors that could be polluting or unethical.
  • Streamlining the supply chain management process to improve business opportunities and relations.
  • Transparent reporting of commitments undertaken, measures taken and targets met in the management of our purchases and supply chains.

Discover our line of sustainable products

We are steadily engaged in research and development activities as we believe that being sustainable means making choices that reduce the impact of manufacturing and, at the same time, creating glamorous garments with a  low environmental impact. Our desire is to invest in constant respect for the cycle of nature as we know that fashion is not only able to interpret the world but also change it, beyond the trends of the moment.

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