Materials we use

Materials we use

Any fibre or other raw material must respect the cycle of nature as an integral part of it.

Make the right choice.
For you and the environment.

The use of materials that respect natural cycles is a fundamental step in the path we have taken. With this in mind, we are exploring new eco-friendly materials and working to create environmentally-friendly garments and accessories. With an eye to saving money and sustainable raw materials so that you can always make the right choice. For you and for the environment.

  • Reuse

    Post-consumer waste

    Creative processes (design)

    Second-hand, vintage, barter, fair-trade shops

    New consumers/New markets

  • Recycling

    Production waste/post-consumer waste

    New material/product

    New product life cycle

  • Saving / Reducing

    Energy efficiency/Reduction of water consumption/Reduction of raw materials

    Reducing production costs, improving working conditions, reducing pollutant emissions

    Innovation in the production chain, in the supply chain, in the product distribution network

In line with our motto Less impact - Same style, we are working on increasing the share of sustainable materials in our collections: not only clothing, but also eco-friendly textile accessories and bags, as evidenced by the 530,000 eco items made each season. We believe it is possible to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining our unmistakable style.

Eco materials used

Organic Cotton / Recycled Cotton / Recycled Polyester / Recycled Nylon / Recycled Viscose / Recycled Wool

Number of eco articles made

Fall-Winter 201936.438
Spring-Summer 2020143.407
Fall-Winter 202099.060
Spring-Summer 2021534.044
Fall-Winter 2021529.091

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We are steadily engaged in research and development activities as we believe that being sustainable means making choices that reduce the impact of manufacturing and, at the same time, creating glamorous garments with a  low environmental impact. Our desire is to invest in constant respect for the cycle of nature as we know that fashion is not only able to interpret the world but also change it, beyond the trends of the moment.

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