Partnerships with the educational world

Partnerships with the educational world

We have always been open and told about our real life to the people who study and train in fashion, even locally. For us, believing in young people as the driving force of the future means encouraging budding talent.

We believe in
young people’s growth.

We promote contacts between companies and educational facilities to encourage exchanges of experiences and learning. This is the approach that inspires our partnership with ForModena, IED, Polimoda, Bocconi, RCS Academy, Professional Datagest, Cattolica, 24 business school, Bologna Business School, CDK master, SSML, Accademia del Lusso, Unibo, Unimore, Milano Fashion Institute, Radar Academy, accademia KOEFIA, ITS machina lonati, RBS, with which we develop educational programmes to encourage young people to learn new professional skills and find their place in the world of work.

Discover our line of sustainable products

We are steadily engaged in research and development activities as we believe that being sustainable means making choices that reduce the impact of manufacturing and, at the same time, creating glamorous garments with a  low environmental impact. Our desire is to invest in constant respect for the cycle of nature as we know that fashion is not only able to interpret the world but also change it, beyond the trends of the moment.

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