Impact of locations and shops

Impact of locations and shops

A fashion company has the power to spread ideas and awareness, visions of the world and the future, trends and tendencies. Strengthened by this conviction, we have embarked on a new path that translates into concrete and tangible actions to reduce environmental impact.

Tangible and measurable actions depend on corporate objectives.

Sustainability means not only producing better collections, but also adapting our headquarters and shops to all those best practices which, starting from small daily actions and the correct management of spaces, substantiate our green commitment.

No more paper catalogues.

Fostering the digital dimension and dampening the impact on the environment, in the name of values that combine glamour, femininity and sustainability. This is the reason why we have decided to stop printing paper catalogues: our collections continue and will continue to live on in digital form and at the same time in a precious premium version of the catalogue, available in duplicate and for consultation exclusively inside our boutiques. Moreover, we have equipped our stores with tablets so as to access contents, images, videos and information on the activities of the brand to enjoy a real Liu Jo experience from a green perspective.

-265.000 kg
Reduction paper use per year
-150 working days
Decreasing the energy impact of manufacturing activities
-11,000 km on the road
Reduction of transport-related CO2 emissions in manufacturing and logistics.

Reusable shoppers made of recycled and FSC certified paper.

Made with environmentally -friendly production processes and recycled materials, the new shopping bags are an important solution to help reduce plastic pollution. In addition to being reusable, all our shopping bags are made from a mix of recycled material and FSC-certified virgin paper, with handles made from 100% ecological cotton fibre. In this way, we avoid producing around 100 tons of TNT a year, producing around 140 tons of recycled and certified paper, which is itself recyclable. A green revolution that makes the ecosystem, the way of life and all of us better.

Water dispensers and steel bottles.

Classic disposable plastic bottles add up to tons of waste that end up polluting our seas. Aware of this, as of January 2019, we have equipped all our sites with automatic water dispensers and provided all the resources working in the company with a reusable ½ litre steel bottle, thus allowing a considerable reduction in waste.

+ energy saving and + environment thanks to LEDs.

Savings and reduced environmental impact go hand in hand. So does upgrading business energy processes and reducing waste. With this in mind, we have converted all our stores with LED bulbs a solution that allows for better integration of light beams to the environments in which they are located. We are also working on the total conversion of the energy used for headquarters, stores, outlets and showrooms owned by us from fossil fuels to renewable sources, and we have recently implemented a major energy efficiency by implementing photovoltaic system for two of our headquarters in Carpi.

Environmentally-friendly cups

As of January 2019, we have replaced traditional plastic cups with eco-friendly ones. More practical, functional and above all, greener. Another small step forward, which represents a further step on our path towards a sustainable world even with those everyday small actions.

Recycled paper only

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, but above all on waste – with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions – the use of recycled paper represents for our Group a further important step towards sustainable development. By putting an important resource – paper – back into the production process, we can reduce the impact on pulp production and the related deforestation of trees. In this way, we avoid the dispersion of paper material that is no longer usable and we give it new life.

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We are steadily engaged in research and development activities as we believe that being sustainable means making choices that reduce the impact of manufacturing and, at the same time, creating glamorous garments with a  low environmental impact. Our desire is to invest in constant respect for the cycle of nature as we know that fashion is not only able to interpret the world but also change it, beyond the trends of the moment.

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