Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Our values and principles, built up over 25 years of history and more, find their natural synthesis in our Code of Ethics.

We look to the future. Together.

The adoption and development of initiatives and strategies that respect people and protect the environment can be naturally summarised in our Code of Ethics and in the 9 pillars that determine it. Let’s look to the future. Together.

In performing its activities, the Company acts in compliance with the legislation and all regulations in force in the territories in which it operates, as well as with the Code of Ethics and company procedures, applying them with integrity and fairness.

The Company ensures the confidentiality of information and personal data processed as well as the protection of information acquired in connection with the work performed.

In its business relations, the Company is inspired by and complies with the principles of loyalty, transparency, honesty and fairness, regardless of the importance of the business. All the actions, operations and negotiations carried out and, in general, the behaviour adopted are inspired by the utmost correctness, completeness and transparency of information, legitimacy (under the formal and substantial aspect), clarity and truthfulness of the accounting documents according to the regulations in force and internal procedures.

The Company operates on the market, both nationally and internationally; it competes fairly on the market, respecting the principles and laws of the European Union and the national laws protecting competition.

The Company is committed to promoting respect for the physical and cultural integrity of the individual and respect of the relations with others. It guarantees working conditions that respect individual dignity, safeguards and promotes the value of human resources, skills and competences, diversity, life and work times.

Within the framework of its own internal relations and in relations with third parties, the Company recognises and respects the principles of equality and does not discriminate on the basis of age, racial and ethnic origin, nationality, political and trade union opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and mental disabilities and any other personal characteristic not related to work.

The company is committed to being attentive to the changing needs of the market and to constantly improving the quality of its products.

The Company endeavours to ensure that its employees and collaborators work in a safe, healthy and legally compliant environment. The Company promotes the establishment of a culture of safety and health of workers in the workplace. The Company promotes respect for the environment, seen as a common resource to be safeguarded for the benefit of the community and future generations in compliance with sustainable development efforts.

The Company operates by taking into account the needs of the community in which it carries out its activities and contributing to the promotion of the quality of life, economic, social, cultural and civil development by actively participating with initiatives both for charitable purposes and for the enhancement of the resources in the local territory.

“Sustainability is not just the word of the year. It is the fulfilment – for a world that has reached the end of its tether – of the need to reverse course.”

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